HeiQ Viroblock Reusable Face Mask with Carbon Filter


Color: AVIRO - Light Pink

AVIRO masks are unique, the inner and outer layers are engineered with HeiQ Viroblock, antiviral and antibacterial fabric protection.

- Reduce mishandling and contamination of face masks with our new anti-microbial technology.
- Developed to be breathable and comfortable to wear for extended periods of time.
- Adjustable nose piece for enhanced fit.

AVIRO fabric has been independently tested:
- ISO18184 Anti-Viral Efficiency >99% (coronavirus & H1N1)*
- ISO20743 Anti-Bacterial Efficiency >99%

  • 100% New Zealand owned.
  • Blue Sign Approved Dyeing.
  • BSCI Approved Production Facility.

    The 2.5PM Filter is a non-woven and melt-blown filter cloth, five-layer filter system effectively keep away from PM 2.5 and a range of airborne contaminants such as dust particles, vehicle exhaust, wood, pollegen allergies.

    Airborne viruses like the Coronavirus are even smaller than PM2.5 (the Coronavirus's lipid envelope is about 120 nanometers across). However, research has shown the material to capture nanoparticles of a similar size with a high degree of efficiency (approx. 95%), and lab tests show a PM2.5 filter with a properly-fitted cloth mask can reduce airborne particulates by as much as 90%.

    Disposable PM2.5 filters are flat, so they take up less space than standard respirators. They never lose effectiveness, and you can use them continuously for 20 hours or whenever it becomes harder to draw a breath.

    Includes 10 PM2.5 Filters

  • *antimicrobial activity slowly reduces from 99.99% to 99.29% after x15 washes.

    100% Polyester

    We recommend washing after approximately 20 hours of use for face masks & 50 hours of use for gloves, or if it gets visibly dirty. Wash in gentle wash in laundry bag in 30℃ and below. Light detergent & no fabric softener. Cold machine wash, do not bleach or use fabric softeners, hang to drip dry in shade, do not iron or dry clean.
    AVIRO garments are not a replacement for medical-grade protective equipment, and should not be used in place of other recommended measures to inhibit the spread of COVID-19. Please continue to follow the government and Ministry of Health guidelines, practice social distancing, hand-washing, avoid touching your face, and follow any instructions to stay at home.


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