Half-Zip T


Color: Space Grey

A tailored, lightweight and versatile half-zip short sleeved top.

The Half-Zip T is a vented, technically advanced short-sleeve top designed for running in mild to warm conditions. Its high level of breathability, light weight and half-length chest zipper guarantee comfort mile after mile.

The front and back panels are constructed from a sweat-wicking, lightweight Italian mesh fabric. While the side panels are fashioned from an even lighter mesh, boosting the top’s breathability in hot conditions. A high collar protects your neck from the sun, while the front zip adds versatility on balmy summer days when you need a little extra cooling air. Reflective logos at the sleeve, front and back of the Half Zip add a touch of visibility for lower light, too. 

Designed for high functionality across a range of speeds and distances, its tailored fit, technical construction and light weight make it a go-to top for spring and summer running.

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