Men's Phantom Lightweight Tights


HK$594.00 HK$990.00

Compression Tights


  • New lightweight design.
  • Independently proven to increase blood circulation, reduce lactic acid build up and improve recovery times.
  • PU tape support on soleus calf muscle to reduce muscle vibrations.
  • Flatlock stitching and heat bonded ankle seams for maximum comfort.
  • Soft touch with mesh back of knee panel for enhanced breathability.
  • Zipped rear nutrition or music pocket and front key pocket.
  • New lightweight ventilated waistband.

Designed to look like running tights and not underwear. 


Our compression wear has been scientifically proven to increase blood flow, reduce lactic acid build up, improve performance and recovery times.

Based on our highly recognized rx3 compression tights, our new Lightweight Tights bring all of the benefits learned from our years of research and independent studies and puts them into a new lighter weight package.


Improved Performance & Recovery:

Designed for training, racing and post workout recovery, the Lightweight Tights feature graduated compression to carefully support the muscles to achieve maximum performance with minimal muscle damage. Additional support is given to the  soleus to help reduce one of the most common forms of calf pain.

Breathable & Comfortable:

A mix of mesh and wicking fabric helps to regulate your temperature and keep you dry, while flat lock stitching and heat bonded seams remove any irritation.

The combination of fabric provides a firm yet soft fit and actively wicks away sweat from your skin to regulate temperature and keep you dry

Suitable as a Top Layer:

Our Black-Out feature uses high denier material to prevent the tights going see through and more space in the crotch mean this tights look more like running tights than underwear.

Independently Verified:

Based on our rx3 tights that have been tested and validated by Progressive Sports Technologies based at Loughborough University. The testing validates that the tights offer the correct level of graduated compression which is proven to:

  1. Improve sporting performance and endurance.
  2. Increase muscle efficiency and power.
  3. Increase speed of muscle recovery time.
  4. Reduce risk of injury.

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