Neutral Arch Flexalign Support

SKU: IM3200-L


Train for your IRONMAN triathlon in ultimate comfort with the IRONMAN FLEXALIGN Neutral Arch Insoles. These insoles are a full length, rigid orthotic designed uniquely for neutral arches offering maximum support and cushioning where needed.

Product Features:

  • PWR-GEL: PWR-GEL material is formulated to provide maximum cushioning and durable material that has less than 11% compression set resulting in providing maximum cushioning to the feet with every step, time after time.
  •  360° HEEL CUP: 360° HEEL CUP provides impact protection upon heel strike. Aligns the medial and lateral sides of the heel to properly align the heel, helping to prevent heel eversion and/or inversion. It cushions and supports where the plantar fascia attaches to the heel bone to help with plantar fasciitis.
  • PWR-BRIDGE: PWR-BRIDGE technology is a series of support structures that properly supports and stabilizes the heel and mid-foot to help align the foot. The support begins in the heel to help align the heel in the proper alignment. The support continues on the medial and lateral arch of the foot thru the mid-foot gait cycle helping to biomechanically align the foot in its proper position to promote an effective gait cycle from heel strike to toe off.
  • FLEXALIGN: FLEXALIGN material can be formulated to provide shock absorption/cushioning, energy return and is a durable material. FLEXALIGN material provides both cushioning and energy return by formulation, design, and density. Overall it provides an excellent light weight material for sandal applications.

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