Urban Air Filter 2.0 / 3-Pack
Urban Air Filter 2.0 / 3-Pack


Urban Air Filter 2.0 / 3-Pack

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The Urban Air Filter 2.0 has been re-engineered into perfection in order to provide a superior protection against harmful particles in the air. The main difference with the new 2.0 filter is that it is thinner and softer with less fiber movement, making it way easier to breathe in. The multi-layer filter technology is tested at RISE R&D center in Sweden, one of the world's most advanced filter laboratories and is available in 4 different sizes.

The working life of a filter depends on many factors such as the pollution level in your surroundings. On average our filters last 100 hours but we advise changing every second week for hygienic reasons, see the figure below as a reference for expected life span of the filter.

Remove and replace the filter if it becomes wet, damaged, contaminated or breathing becomes difficult.