Organic Energy Bar - Apricot Cashew


Organic Energy Bar - Apricot Cashew

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Organic, soft bars, with a delicious taste. A perfect mixture for lovers of healthy delicacies ! An energy intake during your physical activity (150kcal). The association of a slice of pineapple and pieces of coconut ; chocolate and hazelnut crunch ; Exoticism of Goji's mango and berries...

Thoughts for gourmet taste breaks or during your physical activity, while retaining healthy ingredients. The small organic energy bars with subtle taste, natural and digestible ingredients, precisely chosen to give your body the energy it needs (date and almond paste, nuts, dried fruits, squash seeds, chia seeds... and our personal touch : a touch of Gu穢rande salt).


  • 100% organic ingredients
  • 38g bars
  • 150kcal per bar

Made in France