Energy Gummies - Cola + Caffeine


Energy Gummies - Cola + Caffeine

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The "Energy Gums" are 3 small gums to chew, which thanks to the contribution of good carbohydrates and Vitamin C, give you a boost during your activity, while offering you the pleasure of greedy flavors (lemon, strawberry, cola, cassis, lime/Mint, Cranberry/Apple, Blood Orange/Pomegranate, and Watermelon/Mint).

The sodium and potassium present ensure a constant source of electrolytes. Cola, Blackcurrant, Cranberry/Apple and Blood Orange/Pomegranate flavors contain caffeine, which helps improve performance by increasing concentration.

Their small size allows you to store them very easily. Very good alternative to gels, they are ideal for sportsmen and women who are looking for a quick energy supply.

Each 30g serving (3 gums) provides 97 calories. Blackcurrant, Cranberry/Apple, Blood Orange/Pomegranate, Cola flavors contain 50mg of caffeine.