Cyclist Jhonatan Restrepo Bounces Back From Covid-19 With a Win in Rwanda - AiroFit

Restrepo Wins Stage 7ITT at Tour of Rwanda

The story of 
Jhonatan Restrepo is one of overcoming, and determination; one of inspiration for many. In January 2021 the 26 year old Colombian contracted Covid-19 and was forced to sideline for 2 weeks, and deal with some significant side effects. Everyone responds differently to covid, and for Restrepo it was months of recovery.

Being a contract year, Restrepo was under some pressure to get back to form, and get results in a season where races are being cancelled and the opportunity to shine is limited for a pro continental rider. Restrepo prepared for the season in Medellin Colombia, living at about 2100 Meters altitude. His training program consisted of some very modern and dynamic intervals sessions, but Restrepo felt a lot of pain in his legs when doing anything above tempo.

The pain was a side effect of Covid and Restrepo simply could not figure out how to overcome it. The young Colombian Puncheur was doubtful that he would have success in the 2021 season with this set back. Then, in March Restrepo started training with World renowned breath coach, Sean Coakley and the Airofit training system. In a matter of 3 days, the pain in Restrepo’s body during intervals was gone. His ability to transport oxygen completely changed. In just 11 days, Restrepo recorded what we know to be the biggest change in vital lung capacity in an athlete in the history of the world.   


Restrepo went from 4 Liters Vital Lung Capacity to 8.1 in just 11 days. Now, of course measuring the results strictly from the device and mobile app wouldn’t be enough evidence for us to post this article, but the truly amazing part of this story is that Restrepo had been regularly going to the hospital to monitor his progress since he contracted covid. The results between the Airofit, and the medical exams are the same.

Now, Jhonatan Restrepo is in position to battle on the final stage for the overall win at Rwanda, which would be absolutely incredible. Jumping into racing mid season is one of the hardest things a rider can do as it takes several races to get the rhythm of the peloton. Winning straight out of the gates, when everyone else has been racing is almost impossible, so tomorrows stage in Rwanda will truly be an incredible test for Restrepo, and his comeback.

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Protourcycling 8 May 2021. Jhonatan Restrepo Bounces Back From Covid-19 With a Win in Rwanda