Whilst WAH-LAAH! is a relatively new platform, our team has actually been working together for more than 12 years. In that time, we successfully established and represented in the region global market-leading technical sports brands in the Compression, Run, Training, Cycling and Triathlon segments.

Over the past few years, we’ve thrown ourselves into further developing the bandwidth and enhancing the offering to improve the showcase of awesome brands. So, with a tremendous amount of passion, dedication and commitment, WAH-LAAH! continues its trajectory upwards. WAH-LAAH!


The world is moving at a supersonic pace, and it’s our customers that are driving change.

To best serve the interests of our customers, it is our job to better understand their changing values and expectations. Customers are increasingly seeking authenticity in the brands they are supporting, as well as highly-credentialed products. Our goal is to bring to our customers brands and products that will inspire them, and surpass their expectations. We strive to make lasting connections with our customers and engender their trust, through engagement and the quality of our service. Our mission is to keep contributing to a healthier, happier and well-informed fitness and outdoor community!