Unlock Your Performance Potential with Compression! Discover the Function and Recommended Styles from 2XU.

Unlock Your Performance Potential with Compression! Discover the Function and Recommended Styles from 2XU.

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Since 2010, the fashion industry has witnessed a surge in the Athleisure trend, and increased commitment to innovation in the performance sports category. There are no signs of this diminishing, even today. Whether on the streets or in the gym, we can see a variety of sporty outfits. Among them, yoga pants and compression pants are the two items that have gained tremendous exposure and sparked discussions! While most fitness enthusiasts are well acquainted with yoga pants, how familiar are you with compression pants? Definitely, not all compression is created equal!


What are Compression Pants?

Compression is tight-fitting workout pants made from a highly engineered fabric, normally constructed at a yarn level from innovative fibers. As well as being exceptionally comfortable and flexible, these materials offer excellent elasticity and moisture-wicking capabilities. These garments fit snugly,  providing gentle pressure designed to enhance muscle stability, reduce muscle vibration and fatigue, while also offering support and protection. All these factors contribute to enhancing the wearers experience and improving their performance.


Benefits of wearing compression pants during exercise

Muscle Stability Support

Compression pants provide even support, reducing muscle damage and unnecessary movement, thereby improving muscle stability and overall athletic performance during activities like running.


Enhanced Blood Circulation

The compression effect of the pants promotes blood circulation, increasing the supply of oxygen and nutrients to the muscles. This improves muscle oxygen utilization, accelerates lactate metabolism, and facilitates muscle recovery.


Accelerated Post-Exercise Recovery

Compression pants play a crucial role in the recovery process after physical activity. They help speed up muscle recovery and repair, reduce muscle soreness and swelling, and enhance overall recovery capacity, preventing overuse injuries.



The snug fit and elastic materials of compression pants ensure comfort and adaptability. They conform to the body's curves without restricting movement. Additionally, compression fabrics have excellent moisture-wicking properties, keeping the body dry, reducing friction and discomfort.

Compression pants are suitable for a wide variety of sports. They can be used in activities like fitness, basketball, soccer, and more. The support and stability they provide are beneficial for athletes participating in different sports.


However, the tight-fitting design of compression pants may deter some individuals. Imagine wearing form-fitting pants during exercise, especially in the hot and humid climate of Hong Kong, where the perceived temperature may be higher than the actual environmental temperature. Therefore, the moisture-wicking properties of compression pants are relatively important for individuals engaged in sports in Hong Kong. It would be super cool if the pants could regulate body temperature, right?


Experience Complete Comfort Even in the Most uncomfortable Conditions

The latest Light Speed React by 2XU incorporates the Muscle Containment Stamping(MCS) technology and features a unique pattern design which applies targeted pressure to key tendons and fascial lines. This design focuses on enhancing support and envelopment while reducing muscle oscillation during exercise, minimizing potential damage to the body.

The Light Speed React compression pants also introduce the revolutionary HeiQ Smart Temp technology. This intelligent temperature technology senses body temperature and utilizes evaporative cooling effects to regulate body temperature. Even during intense running sessions, you can still experience a cool and comfortable sensation.

With the combination of the two ground-breaking technologies, 2XU's Light Speed React compression pants offer optimal support, protection, and temperature control for your running performance. Stay supported, cool, and comfortable with this cutting-edge activewear innovation!



The working principle of 2XU Light Speed React

1. Sensing Increased Body Temperature

The design of Light Speed React compression pants allows them to sense changes in an athlete's body temperature. When the body temperature rises, the temperature adjustment mechanism is activated.


2. Regulating Evaporative Cooling

By enhancing evaporative cooling, Light Speed React compression pants can regulate the runner's body temperature during the running process. The product utilizes the "HeiQ Smart Temp" technology, which has undergone extensive research and over 5,000 tests to ensure excellent performance during long-term use.


3. Providing a Cool and Comfortable Experience

The design of Light Speed React enables runners to feel cool and comfortable even in uncomfortable environments. It can reduce body temperature by up to 2.5 degrees Celsius and help maintain a stable temperature over extended periods. This technology has been developed through over a decade of climate response research and is particularly suitable for tackling the hot and humid weather of Hong Kong summers.


Product Features

 HeiQ Smart Temp Smart Temperature Technology

Research shows that increased body temperature has a significant impact on running performance*. The groundbreaking HeiQ Smart Temp technology senses elevated body temperature, enhances sweat evaporation through the fabric, and keeps you cool at all times for optimal performance.


Muscle Containment Stamping (MCS)

The front of Light Speed React compression pants features the stylishly designed patent fabric, PWX FLEX, along with MCS technology that targets key muscles used during exercise. It provides targeted protection and support for the quadriceps, distributes load on the knees and calves, while the back utilizes PWX WEIGHT and MCS technology to provide the most effective support for the posterior muscles and calves, reducing the risk of muscle strains during impact.

Graduated Compression

Promotes blood flow to muscles, improves performance, reduces the risk of injuries, and accelerates recovery.

Multiple Pockets

A rear mesh pocket for storing a phone, and two side pockets for gels, keys, or other running essentials.


High-quality, durable yarn ensures better durability than similar products from other brands and keeps you dry at all times.


2XU Light Speed React Compression Tights | Price:HK$1,280


2XU Light Speed React Compression Shorts | Price:HK$960


About 2XU

2XU (pronounced "Two Times You") was founded in 2005 by former professional triathlete Jamie Hunt, along with business partner Clyde Davenport (founder and former owner of Davenport Industries) and marketing expert Aidan Clarke. Jamie Hunt transformed his passion for sports into a pursuit of high-performance materials, leading to the creation of 2XU.


Initially focused on running and triathlon, 2XU aimed to enhance human performance. Today, it has evolved into a globally recognized sports apparel company with cutting-edge technology, trusted by many renowned sports teams and athletes. Independent scientific research has proven that 2XU's garments provide genuine physiological benefits for athletes of various abilities. With the support of the LVMH Group, 2XU's products are now sold in over 70 countries worldwide.


When choosing compression pants, there are several key points to consider. First, the size should ensure a snug fit without being too tight or too loose. Second, the quality of the fabric is crucial, so choose compression garments made of elastic and breathable materials for comfort and moisture-wicking effects. Finally, consider different levels of compression and pant lengths according to personal preferences and needs, such as full-length pants or capris.


It's important to note that individuals with hypertension or cardiovascular diseases often have issues with cholesterol buildup and blocked blood vessels. Such individuals should consult their doctors before choosing compression pants because the pressure from wearing them may cause blood vessel constriction and potential blood flow blockages.