WellO2 Breathing Trainer
WellO2 Breathing Trainer
WellO2 Breathing Trainer



WellO2 Breathing Trainer

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The medication-free WellO2 breathing trainer is designed to ease your breathing and enhance your everyday well-being. Designed in Finland and developed by experts in healthcare, well-being and technology.

WellO2 is a clinically tested breathing exercise device that combines resistance training for both inhalation and exhalation muscles with warm steam inhalation. It comprehensively supports respiratory health and is especially suitable for individuals with both short-term and long-term respiratory problems and helps alleviate symptoms such as breathlessness, coughing, sneezing and congestion.

West Ham United Football Club are pleased to announce the first of its kind collaboration in the Premier League with leading respiratory brand, WellO2.

Richard Collinge, Performance Director at West Ham United, commented: "We look forward to working with the team at WellO2. The importance of effective breathing techniques and maximising lung capacity when playing football cannot be understated. In working with WellO2 we are excited to explore how to best implement the WellO2 devices into the strength and conditioning programme for our players".


  • Effectively develops respiratory muscle strength
  • Reduces breathlessness and shortness of breath
  • Treats and moisturises the respiratory tract
  • Enhances the bodies immune system
  • Reduces respiratory irritation
  • Assists in opening, maintaining and extending voice endurance
  • Deepens and calms breathing rhythm
  • Improves sleep quality and recovery
  • Reduces snoring


  • Adjustable breathing resistance
  • 3 different heat settings for steam
  • Produces warm steam for inhalation
  • Can be used through either mouth or nose
  • Easy to clean
  • Can be used by multiple individuals and personal mouthpieces

This package includes

  • WellO2 breathing trainer
  • 3 different coloured mouthpieces
  • Nasal mask and extension hose
  • Breathing regulator
  • Power base
  • User instructions

The WellO2 device has a warranty of 24 months