WellO2 MyBreath Smart Mouthpiece
WellO2 MyBreath Smart Mouthpiece



WellO2 MyBreath Smart Mouthpiece

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Purchase it together with the WellO2 device in order to get stats and data on your breathing training and progress.

The intended use of this product is to monitor, support and analyse respiratory training with the WellO2 device.

The MyBreath Smart Mouthpiece is used in the same way as the standard WellO2 mouthpiece but it is connected to the WellO2 app. The smart mouthpiece transfers your breathing measurement data to the WellO2 application, where you can find breathing exercises for many different purposes as well as breathing tests. With the help of those breathing tests, you can measure and monitor your lung respiratory muscle strength, airflow and total respiratory capacity. Your exercises and test results will be saved in the WellO2 app.

  • Download the WellO2 app
  • Connect to the app via Bluetooth connection
  • Charge using the charging dock. A green light comes on when the device is fully charged.
  • A red light comes on when the device is low on battery
  • Washable under running water with mild hand soap
  • Mouthpiece will timeout after inactivity of 5 minutes. The app will notify you if you need to connect again.

For further information please email info@wello2.com